WHY IS FATHERHOOD IMPORTANT? A Message from our founder.

Father 24/7 is a movement of men around the world who made the Commitment to be the best father for their children and to practice being a good role model every day.

None of us are perfect fathers. But we do everything we can to be a real dad who loves, supports, encourages, and gives hope to our children and grandchildren. We understand that the best legacy we can offer is happy, successful, and grateful generations after us.

I have more than 17 years of ministry experience working with men. Having spoken with them in different countries and cultures, discussing fathering challenges with them, I reached the conclusion that the present-day generation wants to be strong fathers. And now more than ever, they are willing to be open about their feelings, and explore new ways to meet that goal.

There are three categories of those men.

  1. Fathers who have good experience and success in their parenting.
  2. Fathers who want to avoid the mistakes of the past and overcome the obstacles on the way to successful parenting.
  3. Fathers who wonder how to become good fathers and where to start.

Honestly I have been in each of those categories myself. And I know why it is so important to have someone nearby to reinforce the skills of a good father.

It doesn’t matter which category you identify with. I’d like to invite you to join us.

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It is time to be brave, consistent, and generous by developing your fathering skills (and even by helping others with your experience.)

The most valuable and effective are fathers who support other fathers. By growing in fatherhood and contributing to others we can provide positive changes in our families, communities, and even entire nations.

Another reason it’s important to develop responsible fathers is the crisis of fatherlessness the world is facing today. The devastating consequences of not having an involved father can result in lower self-confidence, poor self-discipline, and even increased delinquency. We believe that the only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good FATHERS to do nothing.

Father 24/7 resources will give you the opportunity to discover your father’s heart, open your potential, and be more confident with your parenting.

Are you ready to make being a father the priority for your family?