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Our mission is to revive a culture of responsible fatherhood, impose positive influence on the family through the Biblical model of a good father, and protect family values in the present-day society.

Our prayer & goal for fathers!

To reach out to men who are fathers and grandfathers in the USA. To deliver a message about a responsible and influential fatherhood, and attract around 140 thousand men to the initiative.

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Great Adventure Trip

This adventure supports men in achieving a 24/7 fathering experience with their children. They will develop and apply their fathering skills under extreme, but enjoyable, conditions. Best of all, they will strengthen that special “heart-to-heart” relationship between a father and his child.

Event Format:

  • 3-5 days of camping, canoeing, or hiking
  • Up to 15 fathers, including 15-20 children
  • Three hours of parenting skills training for fathers
  • Interactive contests, role play, and communication


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